Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Professional Organizations?

ACTE, CACTE, CATFACS, AAFCS, and CAFCS---what do all these acronyms stand for? They are the acronyms of professional organizations that I am a member of. Professional organizations are critical to a professional's career. I am a firm believer in belonging to at least one professional organization related to a person's career. Professional organizations associate you with people in your field and they offer several benefits to you as a member.
Typically, a professional organization publishes a research journal that includes cutting edge research and valuable resources that can be utilized in your profession. You may also have access to newsletters that will update you on current events and happenings. Another benefit includes networking and making connections with others in your profession, in addition to finding mentors that you can ask questions of and have professional conversations with. A majority of professional organizations offer annual conferences where you can improve your content knowledge through workshops, seminars, and keynote speakers. Vendors are usually present at conferences as well to enable members to connect to them and their services offered. A professional organization most likely will have web access including, but not limited to, webinars, blogs, and downloads. JOIN!! They are good source of positive energy and very beneficial.

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