Thursday, June 16, 2011

Membership Ideas from Cherry Creek

I have to brag on my students to start my blog...
I took 21 students.
Of those 21 students...18 of them received a Gold.
Of those 18 Golds...15 of them had call backs.
Of those 15 call backs...12 of them place in the top three.
Of those 12...5 of them won 1st place!
Of those 5...3 are going to Nationals!

I think a year like this has been the biggest recruitment tool yet! Each student who went to state conference came back more excited than ever to make Creek FCCLA successful. They were not only excited for their own awards...but were each other's best cheerleaders. When they came back to school - their classmates became even more interested and excited to join FCCLA next year.

One thing that helped us this year was we did a quick intro about FCCLA in each FACS class - the officers came in and talked about the basics of FCCLA and invited each person to attend a pizza lunch the next day to learn more. We had a good turn out of students - 10 extra large pizza's did the job as we were able to increase our membership to about 80 members this year. At the pizza party, we had a slide show going of last year's activities, had past projects displayed, Teen Times magazines and candy were on the tables as centerpieces, and the officers mingled with the students to answer any questions they had. This was a huge success. We did it at the beginning of each semester and are looking to repeat this again.

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  1. Congratulations, Sasha! That is terrific. I am so happy for not only you, but your students as well. You will have a great time in Anaheim and I wish you the best of luck!