Sunday, July 3, 2011

FCCLA Membership Recruitment Ideas

I have developed a co-curricular chapter at Windsor High School over the past 24 years. I feel that the co-curricular concept is the best membership recruitment tool. We have 3 teachers/advisors in our department, so we all present a week-long Intro to FCCLA unit to our respective courses. The consistency, personal touch, and information presented, lends itself to recruiting more members. It also helps the students understand the entire FCCLA organization, including the national, state, district, and local levels.

Of course, anytime you include food, students will come. We have Executive Officer Team meetings the first Friday of every month. We have started to include the entire membership and are looking forward to advertising that even more during the next school year. We serve a continental breakfast and the students seem to love that.

One of the strongest membership recruitment idea is taking students to conferences. I have especially found that student interest peaks when I have a student compete at the National Conference. It speaks volumes!!

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