Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FACS Mentorship Experience

As a second year teacher, the amount of information that I still need to understand is large. Being a part of the FACS mentorship program this year was very beneficial. As a part of the program, I attended cohort meetings, a daylong training in Denver for all CTE mentee educators, and the CATFACS conference. My mentor teacher also came to my classroom one day to observe my management and presentation techniques. Overall, the experience was very worthwhile.

Throughout the program, I was really able to get a better understanding of completers, credentialing, Perkins funding and articulation. As a new member to my district, I was just following what others were doing. However, the mentorship program showed me how important it was that I was on top of recruiting students, making sure they are taking more than one of the Core classes and both semesters of the occupational classes. Our program approval and articulation agreements are completed at the district level, which means that I need to be an active part of taking new information back to my district, as well as being extra accurate with my completer/ VE-135 data. Also, I gained a better understanding behind the origin of Perkins money, how it is distributed, and the areas in which it can be spent.

With each passing year I am sure I will gain more knowledge, but this year I became even more comfortable with FCCLA at the local, district and state level. I had a district officer and was able to speak with my mentor teacher about the experience and share in the questioning sessions. I also signed on to be a district consultant and am looking forward to the experience. I hope to get a better idea of how to plan the conference, prepare students on an even higher leadership level, and feel more comfortable with running students at the State level. This year I also volunteered to be an event chair which was a wonderful experience. I was able to really delve into an event, learn the ins and outs, and even be able to incorporate it into my classroom. In the year to come, I am looking forward to making FCCLA more intra-curricular in my school and developing activities that help retain members and build my program.

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