Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Consumer Issues Conference

I attended the Consumer Issues Conference on the University of Wyoming campus last fall. The theme was Unlocking the Digital Marketplace. The workshops and plenary sessions revolved around this theme. This is a conference that is held every fall and it is a credible and quality conference that has current and up-to-date consumer information.

I had the opportunity to network with professionals who are experts in their respective fields. I met Shelley Glause, the regional director of the Better Business Bureau, located west of Windsor. She was willing to make a presentation on "Identity Theft" to the Life Management course I taught this school year. She has also agreed to serve on our advisory committee for the upcoming school year. I appreciated the depth of content knowledge that I was able to attain and it is very useable in my teaching. I shared information with the technology department in our school district, the business teachers, and fellow FACS teachers.

I write this blog to encourage you to attend this conference if you are looking for a way to enhance and deepen your content knowledge base. The Fall 2011 conference theme is Pills, Potions, and Profits. You can log onto to access the information. I highly recommend it.

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