Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Great resource for teachers in Foods and Nutrition......

Food Literacy • noun • füd 'li-t(ə-)rə-sē
Understanding the story of one’s food, from farm to table and back to the soil; the knowledge and ability to make informed choices that support one’s health, community, and the environment.


Dear Friends of Nourish,
We're excited to announce our new Food Literacy Quiz, a fun, interactive way for people of all ages to explore the story of their food—"from farm to table and back to the soil."
Developed in partnership with Food Day, the quiz has already engaged more than 20,000 people with 15 thoughtprovoking questions that reveal fascinating facts about food, health, and the environment. A few examples:
  • Of the average dollar spent on food, what share goes to farmers and farm workers?
  • On average, how much water is required to produce one serving of a typical hamburger versus one serving of lettuce?
  • A typical 20-oz. bottle of soda, like those sold in vending machines, contains the equivalent of how many teaspoons of sugar?
Illustrated with beautiful images, the quiz offers easy-to-understand explanations to each question with the goal of increasing food literacy.
We invite you to take the quiz and share it with your friends.

Nourish is an educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability, particularly in schools and communities. Nourish is a program of WorldLink, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education for sustainability. Visit

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