Monday, July 30, 2012

Updating FACS Curriculum in Boulder Valley School District

Updating FACS Curriculum in Boulder Valley School District- Julie Olsen

A couple years ago when Colorado FACS was rewriting their course standards, I was excited that the classes that I taught would soon be updated and made more relevant. Little did I know at the time that those new state standards would not just trickle down to my district. We (elected FACS teachers) would have to integrate and rewrite the previous BVSD curriculum and fit in the state standards into the new district format known as Curriculum Essential Documents. While not always an exciting task, writing new curriculum for courses taught can offer value and insightful learning experiences for the teacher. First, we developed a new course overview for every class taught that everyone including parents could understand. Second, we developed new specific vocabulary and topics to be covered in addition to state standards and outcomes. Last, curriculum maps were added in each document to bridge gaps of how each course connects with reading, writing, and math skills. Overall, writing CED's have been a valuable experience as a educator and for providing better curriculum to

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