Wednesday, July 11, 2012

State Conference 2012

This spring I had a wonderful time taking two junior girls to state conference. They were very enthusiastic and excited for their STAR Event Competition in Life Event Planning. I was nervous for them because they were adamant on planning a wedding for their event, but they ended up doing very well. They were called back for run-offs. I am proud of the work they did.
Again, I volunteered to be the Advocacy Event Chair. This is always a very educational experience and helps advisors to learn the ins and outs of different events. I think I am ready to Chair a different event next year. I enjoy chatting with students from all over the state as they come and go through the hallway. I always learn a lot from them.

Once we returned back to school, it is motivating for other students to see finished projects with awards and certificates. It is a good thing when juniors, sophomores, and freshmen attend because then they are really pumped up for the following year. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. State conference is always impressive for students and for me as an advisor.

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