Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 State Review & Recruitment Ideas

This is my third year taking students to the State Leadership Conference. We took 14 students and all of them completed a STAR Event. I am continually amazed and overwhelmed at the amount of work that it takes to complete a STAR event and the time it takes for students to develop and refine a presentation. We had students complete in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Teach & Train, Culinary Arts, Focus on Children, Job Interview, Entrepreneurship, Recycle & Redesign, Nutrition & Wellness, and Chapter Service Project Manual. We had 10 students receive gold medals and become national qualifiers and four students receive silver medals. It may be an arduous process preparing for state but the outcome is well worth it. This is the best that our school has done at the state conference and we are really proud of our students.

A recruitment technique we do at our school is to take a week (or shorter) to introduce students in our classes to FCCLA. The first day the advisers share their story of how FCCLA has helped each of us. I would also recommend that you let your experienced FCCLA members share their stories as well because it speaks more than adviser stories. The next couple of days we develop FCCLA Stations that focus around teaching students about FCCLA. Students really seem to enjoy this time because they are engaged in fun activities. We try to focus each station around the State POW theme and focus each station with something about FCCLA. Some of our past stations have been Create STAR Events App (On Paper), Decode the National Program Text, Build a Cyber Cupcake (for no other reason than giving students food), Technology Through Time, Google your Way to FCCLA Travel, and Facebook Profile Ethics. We see a good return from students coming to meetings. I did not invent this idea but I wanted to pass it along.

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