Monday, July 4, 2011

FACS Summer Updates

The last week of June I attended 3 very interesting and educational days of updates.

The Sustainable Cuisine Workshop was held at the Colorado Mountain College, Edwards Campus. It was a great opportunity to learn about post secondary options for our students. The classroom building is new and easy to access. The Culinary lab is located across the street at the Battle Mountain High School.
Sustainable has different definitions but essentially it is knowing or understanding where your food came from and the impact it has on the environment and society. The concept has so many 21st Century learning skills that are applicable; inquiry and problem solving.

The Fitness Anywhere workshop was a workout! Robyn Smith of Positively Fitness instructed us in many exercises and activities that can easily be incorporated in our Nutrition & Wellness courses. In fact some could be used to just get the blood flowing in our students. All the activities used just a chair, table or step for props. She concluded with tips for mxing up the number of repetitions and the type of exercises. These included using dice or a deck of cards.

The ICAPS session was very informational and helped to validate our work with careers. Reviewing the Colorado Career Clusters and activities for career exploration in the classroom was great.

The FACS Program update in the afternoon was very informative. The CCCS Toolbox section is now on my favorites and I understand the information. Interpeting the five year trends and understanding the data. Updates in standards is sometimes a struggle yet it is great to see the FACS is in the lead with CTE courses.

Kimberly Baldwin

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