Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wonderful World of Web 2.0

On Tuesday, June 15, 2010, FACS teachers were in attendance for a summer workshop to learn all about the Wonderful World of Web 2.0.  This section of the Blog is for teachers to discuss all of their ideas, lessons, successes and challenges in regards to the multitude of tools available to use in their classrooms.  Please post information (click on the comment link below) to share your thoughts.  Thank you!


  1. Use Go Animate: http://goanimate.com/
    Students can create 30 sec. PSA spots, review cartoons on topics covered in class, vocab review, etc.

  2. GoAnimate! Ideas:
    -Teen Pregnancy/public service announcement
    -Chapter Reviews
    -Vitmain/Mineral-why so important?

    What other ideas do you have?

  3. Frequently Web 2.0 tools use add ons. If the website asks you to activate an activeX control or some other tool allow the install.

  4. When using social media sites, be sure to moderate them (especially when you are having students complete an assignment). When sites such as VoiceThread post as a public view, anyone at anytime can leave comments on the site.

    Never do a social media site that will not allow you to change, pull or delete comments.

  5. This workshop today on Web 2.0 was fabulous. I learned so much about technology and how to use it in my classroom. This was/is a great resource for me as a teacher. The collaboration amongst all of the FACS teachers was also helpful.

    I agree w/ the above comment about social media sites needing to have the ability to allow me to make changes: pull or delete

  6. Wallwisher Idea-
    post one or more links in sticky notes and have students read the articles in another window, return to the Wallwisher site to post a sticky note in response. Project the wall in class later and discuss responses/ideas, etc.

  7. As I walked out of the web 2.0 class, I felt very satisfied and a little overwhelmed. I was satisfied about all of the information covered and all of the awesome new resources accumulated. This class was exactly what I was hoping for in regards to learning the latest and greatest web tools and being able to explore them and start creating lessons on my own. I was able to create some start of the year activities through "Goanimate" and "Prezi". Through Prezi I made a presentation that I will use on the first day with my new kiddos to illustrate what we will be doing over the trimester together. I have projects that we will be completing, and an overview of cooking labs we will have to get them excited about the class. I was able to plan some lessons around "goanimate" where my students will be able to creatively show what they learned in any subject area. The possibilities are endless. The "Wallwisher" is an awesome way to further any discussions or to introduce a topic by brainstorming thoughts and ideas.
    Although I love learning, and discovering new resources is so important in the teaching field, I couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed after this class. There were so many tools and websites that were presented to us and our learning curve had to be quick. So as we started getting used to one tool, we had to move on to the next. With all of that said, my advice to you all would be to start with one of these great tools and websites and take time to become acquainted with it. It is exciting to utilize new tools and experiment but can lead to frustration as well. My goal though is to effectively incorporate these tools into my lesson to successfully engage my students in the future!