Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 FCCLA State Conference- What is Your Game Plan?

My coworker and I attended the state conference with our state officer Caitlian Bricker and two other students. This was a new experience for me only because I was more involved with FCCLA at the state level this year. I also was an event chair which added to the involvement. I enjoyed learning more about the organization and I encourage all advisors to jump in and get involved. It is the best way to understand how things work.

The keynote speaker Josh Shipp was very energetic and seemed to reach the students on their level. His speech talked about how we should all look ahead and not to the past. That our struggles and past experiences help make us who we are. We all have a choice to get involved and help others get involved as well. He had a hard start to life however he has made the most of it and his outlook on life was encouraging to many students.

The state officers did a great job on their workshops I could tell they spent a lot of time on their topics and the students seem to really enjoy them. The banquet went well and the dance afterwards was pretty good. I do think keeping the lights on the whole time is a bit much.

Over all I think this was a well organized conference and look forward to next years.

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