Tuesday, June 29, 2010

State Conference and Membership Ideas

Ten students from Cherry Creek High School attended the 2010 FCCLA State Leadership Conference in April for the first time. Of the nine students who competed in STAR Events, CCHS was excited to bring home a 2nd place in Focus on Children, a top four ranking for National Programs in Action, and 6 silver medals. We also had a student serve on the State Interviewing Panel. The conference was really inspiring to all students with dynamic workshops, an eye-opening keynote speaker, and the opportunity to improve leadership skills through their competitive events.

The underclassmen who attended the conference are excited to bring back energy and other ideas to the rest of the chapter. Some membership ideas that we are thinking about incorporating into our POW for the following year include:
~ Design a club brochure and distribute it to prospective members.
~ Make your meetings fun - music, food, and ice breakers need to be at every meeting! We also try to have one meeting a month where we are actually doing something for community service (wrapping gifts, creating gift bags for a local Valentine's Day Dance at a nursing home, making blankets, etc)
~ Send personal notes to members that you haven't seen for awhile. Let them know that you've missed them, and are anxious to have them back.

~ Wear the chapter FCCLA t-shirt for every meeting.
~ Introduce FCCLA to every FACS class each semester for new members.
~ Personally contact old members to retain members who aren't currently in a FACS class.

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