Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 FCCLA State Conference

Once again, we, as Colorado FCCLA advisers and members, were treated to an outstanding FCCA State Leadership Conference! The conference was held Thursday through Saturday; April 12-14, 2012 at the Denver Tech Center Marriott.

I didn't feel like the opening session could get any better than last year's. Boy, was I wrong! As I exited this year's stellar session, I was excited and enthused to be a Colorado FCCLA adviser. I take my hat off to the state advisers and officer team who never cease to amaze me with their creative talent and ingenuity.

I was a co-chair of the new Colorado State Event titled "Get the Word Out." Orientation was on Thursday and the competition took place on Friday afternoon. We had a limited number of participants and I would assume that is because the event is new. It was rewarding to work with the FCCLA members and judges during the event. I would encourage all FCCLA advisers to consider co-chairing an event if you have not done so before. It is one of the most rewarding tasks you will do related to FCCLA.

Friday, the banquet was well-thoughout and planned. The dance was enjoyed by many FCCLA members. On Saturday, the highlight of the conference was the Awards Ceremony. It's always a joy to watch the excitement on the FCCLA members' faces as they are called up on stage. I've been doing this for 27 years and every year is as suspenseful as the previous years. I am excited that my son, Trevor, will be traveling to the National Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL in July to participate in the Job Interview STAR Event.

I love State FCCLA Conference. It is always a terrific experience and this year's conference was nothing short of that.

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